Brookes Primary PGCE Group I 2012

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Science & Technology `Project: Fairgorunds or Vehicles

Our task was to design and make a free moving miniature vehicle using a simple electrical circuit.

Our group of three decided to go for slow and steady by using the cogs rather than the elastic band to turn the axel. After a good deal of time putting the frame together then beginning the body we perhaps started a little late to build the actual “engine” of the vehicle; the circuit with a motor.
As the session drew to a close we managed to get the vehicle moving but then somebody…(me)…got over-ambitious and tried to make it move faster in the limited time we had left causing it to stop working altogether. Soon though it was back to the original design and moving again but the body of the VW camper we had chosen was not attached firmly and the friction of the body on the wheels stopped movement.

The main problems we faced:
Weak batteries
Weight of battery and frame compared to power.
Design of the body/attachment to the frame.
Making the wheels secure enough to go straight without creating further friction.

As a team we worked well through a lot of discussion and equal contribution to the finished project; it was also great fun!

Other teams were generally far more successful!ImageImageImageImage

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Cultural Week…

What a spiffing week! I’ll upload some photos here from Pitt Rivers and Ashmolean museums, Museum of Oxford, Harcourt Arboretum and Science Oxford…Hopefully they will trigger some memories of all the useful ideas they gave us for planning our lessons….

Pitt Rivers & History of Science:

Ashmolean & Harcourt Arboretum:

Science Oxford:

I didn’t take any at the Museum of Oxford!

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